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As parents, we’ve all been there. Planning birthday parties for kids can be frustrating.

The good news is you don’t have to spend hours trying to throw your child an amazing birthday party. Book your next party with TXBBA and let us do all the work, let the kids have all the fun, and you get to relax while your child and their friends have a KICKIN’ good time.


First, A Note From Our Instructor:


Hi, my name is Carlos Moreno, owner of TX Black Belt Academy in Cleburne, TX. I want to take a moment to thank you for visiting our website. Here at TXBBA we design our birthday parties to be fun filled, action packed, and even educational. Kids learn about respect, confidence and self discipline while having a great time with their friends.


Our team members are the absolute best Martial Arts Instructors a kid (or parent) could ask for. We’ve seen ultra-shy kids burst out of their shell, ADD and ADHD kids learn how to control themselves, socially awkward kids learn how to make and keep friends, and even helped special needs children find a place to fit in and feel accepted. We are committed to ensuring that not only does your child and their guests have FUN at the party, but that they leave our school more confident, focused, and happy than when they started.


They’re committed to ensuring that not only does your child have FUN at the party, but that they leave our party more confident, focused, and happy than when they started. So, what I’ll do on this page is tell you a little about what we do at our Birthday Parties, and how we’re able to get such fantastic results from our parties. Take a look at what we do, and see if it our philosophy on Birthday Parties lines up with your goals as a parent. If what we teach would be beneficial in your child’s life, please reserve your child’s party with us (before they fill up).


Again, THANK YOU for considering a Martial Arts Birthday Party. Space is limited so use the links below to learn more and book your party now before our available dates fill up!


Why Choose TXBBA Birthday Parties?


Kids get a party they will never forget! Parents get a no stress party that is set up and cleaned up by our professional staff in a clean, safe and family friendly environment.


The birthday child and their guests learn confidence, self discipline, respect and self defense.


How does a TXBBA birthday party measure up to those other options? Let’s compare!


Kids look forward to their birthday, but this doesn’t always mean that they get what they want. Problems range from boredom to let the run crazy. Especially as kids get older, getting fresh new ideas for a party isn’t always easy. Parents know just how challenging it can be:



The At Home Dilemma
Mom and Dad shop for supplies, set up, clean up and wrangle 20 high energy kids for a couple of hours. Not a great way to enjoy your child’s special day.



The Bounce House
Expensive and active but does a bounce house teach important life skills like respect and confidence?



Lack of Variety
The usual party places- Not much variety there and sharing your special day with 10 other kids and their guests also celebrating birthdays? That can get pretty crazy.



The Park?
Will it rain? Will it be to hot or to cold? What am I going to do with all these kids??



But, There Is Hope!

TX Black Belt Academy has the solution you’ve been looking for! A fun, safe and awesome environment that kids and their guests won’t forget. A birthday party that teaches respect, confidence and self discipline and you don’t have to shop for, set up or clean up? What more could a parent ask for?


Our Birthday Parties are designed to help your child build the life skills they need to work through their challenges and become the Confident, capable adolescents that we know they can be and have the Time of Their Life.

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